Accurate real-time passenger information, wireless and solar-powered

Flexpaper is a solar-powered public transport display system offering real-time passenger information and other relevant content. It seamlessly integrates into 21st century Smart City infrastructure, and helps you reach your passengers quickly and effectively.

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About Flexpaper

In order to display accurate and reliable travel information at any time and place, Surtronic has developed a unique product: Flexpaper. Flexpaper displays are powered by efficient solar cells and do not require a connection to the electricity grid. The combination of LCD and E-Paper display technology provides the best possible travel experience under all circumstances.




With Flexpaper Surtronic has developed an innovative, green product, able to operate autonomously on solar power. The single housing solution results in the lowest possible installation cost and highest installation freedom. Flexpaper displays are designed and tested to the highest standards for Ingress Protection and Impact Resistance.


It provides a smart and environmentally friendly solution, powered by fully integrated top and rear solar panels with battery backup and an intelligent power management system. The efficient installation and maintenance process provides the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) possible.


Flexpaper helps you communicate efficiently to passengers

Flexpaper is a solar powered bus stop display system. The latest product generation uses innovative E-Paper technology for displaying remotely controllable timetables and other relevant content. Flexpaper displays can be controlled from the central back-office system with an intuitive web-based Content Management System.

The user interface enables configuration of display contents and settings. Display contents can be scheduled over time to optimize communication to passengers. Authorized users can monitor the status, settings and content of each individual display.


How does Flexpaper work?


E-Paper screens

State-of-the-art display technology guarantees best contrast and resolution available



Fully autonomous operation throughout the year by using highly efficient solar cells integrated into a single housing

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Real-time passenger information

Truly real-time passenger information at all times and all places

icon backoffice

Seamless back-office integration

Can be controlled from the central back-office system with an intuitive web-based Content Management System

What does Flexpaper offer you?

  • Replaces traditional paper timetables preventing service trips
  • Efficient installation and maintenance provides lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Attractive, easy to install single housing without the need for large external solar panels
  • Seamless integration with back office systems of transport organizations
  • Remote display configuration and content management
  • Secure web-based back office system providing full remote management

The benefits of Flexpaper

Flexpaper uses the latest solar cell and power management technology to provide off the grid operations. Flexpaper is specifically designed to provide a green and cost effective solution for situations where routing mains power is undesirable or expensive.

Flexpaper displays are vandalism proof and work in all weather conditions. Flexpaper can be installed with a secure fixing to a wide variety of pole sizes.


  • Providing static and real time passenger information at any location
  • Combining innovative and proven technologies
  • No power required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Best TCO available
  • Secure against vandalism
  • Provides additional revenue streams via advertising

Technical Features

  • 2G / 3G / 4G
  • IP 65
  • Anti-graffiti front cover
  • Flexible installation system
  • E-Paper resolution of 1600x1200
  • Support black/white and grey-scale

System Interfaces

  • TransModel BISON standard
  • Configurable XML interface based on TransModel standard
  • SIRI

Back-office application

  • System monitoring
  • Display management
  • Content management for E-Paper display
  • Remote update (OTA)
  • Report generation

The display

The Flexpaper display is designed in such a way that it has sufficient resources available for rendering dynamic passenger information in LCD, and timetables or any other type of information such as advertisement to show on the E-Paper display.


Flexpaper is able to display real-time travel information, by using reliable communication technologies like 2G/3G/4G and a specially designed, ultra low energy consuming processor, controlled by an efficient protocol.

The E-Paper technology supports high resolutions of 1600x1200 pixels. The information on the display remains visible even at high temperatures and is impact resistant. The E-Paper technology also ensures that displayed information on Flexpaper remains visible even after the power supply is lost.


Flexpaper displays have been successfully implemented over thousands of RTPI bus stop displays in various European countries. This provides customers with the combination of proven, reliable technology and innovation.


Proven track record

Thousands of Flexpaper displays are currently operating,
serving daily commuters in their information needs.

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